Citroën C4 grand picasso – Burago 1/43

Otto display

Citroën Otto display

Citroën BX 16s – Otto 1/18


I just received the new Otto model, the Citroën BX 16s.


It’s different from the previous model in some manners.


first of all, the mirrors on the side of the car are different, the bumper/fog lights are different and it has another spoiler.


Apart from that the model is detailed just that little bit better as the previous models (which were great allready!).




It’s a very nice model. I think the pictures will speak for themselves.

DS 19 chrome – Base solido 1/18

Another one of my projects. I bought 4 Solido DS’s.. I’m making something special from every one of them. After the DS sur Ballons, now a fully chromed with red interior one. hope you like it!

Citroën SM “gendarmerie” – Norev 1/18


This is a scalemodel I have been looking for quite some time. There are SM-scalemodels around in white, blue and beige… but this one was my favorite. unfortunately also the rarest one of the 4. Norev spared no effort to detail this model to the fullest and the result can be seen.

Citroën DS sur ballons

It has been a while since I last updated my blog, the reason is that I was working on a project. Just finished it after several attempts… You can judge the result by yourself, let me know what you think!

It’s a 1/18th scale Citroën DS sur ballons. This is a replica of the car used to promote the Hydroactive suspension on the DS: It’s like gliding, you won’t feel the road.

I have seen other 1/18 DS sur Ballons, but mostly they had another paint-job and filled in the wheel arches. This one should be pretty accurate.


Citroën C2 – Norev 3″

GroteFoto-3MJ47MDK GroteFoto-DK8FSNUK